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fck-nat has some funamental limitations when it comes to availability. If the instance requires replacement, downtime for the ASG (when using HA mode) to bring up a new instance is ~5 minutes, but is automatic. However, due to replacement nodes effectively taking over the configured internal ENI, you can significantly reduce disruption if you launch a second instance before the first is terminated. Existing connections will be cut, but downtime will only be a few seconds.

Security groups and quota limitations

Using security groups to firewall your NAT instances (only allowing connections from inside your VPC) are subject to conntrack limitations. You can read more about the details of those limitations here:

If you're running fck-nat with additional CloudWatch monitoring enabled we report the conntrack_allowance_exceeded and conntrack_allowance_available metrics which would enable you to observe if these conntrack limits are being hit. If you're hitting these limits, it is recommended that you allow all traffic in security groups and use iptables in order to drop inbound connections from outside your VPC.